Apple Patches iOS 12.2 Exploits But Unc0ver Still Optimistic Of Imminent Jailbreak Release

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It was no surprise that with the recent iOS 12.3 rollout, the windows for possible hacking of version 12.2 have been closed down. Still, independent dev groups continue on their works to possibly cook up an unlocking tool to liberate iPhones and iPads powered by Apple’s mobile operating system. The chance remains for iOS jailbreak release.

However, it seems unlikely now that version 12.2 can be jailbroken anytime soon. That’s because the statement issued by security researcher Dany Lisiansky, via Twitter, in which he shared that with iOS 12.3 now out known vulnerabilities have been resolved. Lisiansky identified a total of three exploits that were made history.

“Apple just released iOS 12.3, which includes patches for three vulnerabilities. I discovered: CVE-2019-8593, CVE-2019-8568, CVE-2019-8637,” the hacker’s tweet was reported by Redmond Pie as saying.

He clarified though the path to discovering additional exploits is totally blocked. The bug labeled as CVE-2019-8637, for instance, is notable since it can potentially allow the execution of arbitrary code. To be sure, such an opening encourages further research on the part of intrepid hackers that perhaps could lead to the ideal scenario of working jailbreak.

Case in point is that of the hacking group unc0ver. The team has been the source of uplifting teases that point to the likelihood of a jailbreak release. Just recently, group member @Pwn20wnd hinted of a jailbreak tool in the making as he advised that anyone interested has to save their blobs because iOS 12.3 went live.

Blobs, of course, will permit rolling back or stepping up to iOS versions that are open for jailbreaking.

Then the same personality followed through on the tweet when he hinted a few days after that jailbreak updates are being finalized and they are “almost done and will soon be released to public.”

“We have been working on major updates for both unc0ver and Cydia’s backend, to make them incredibly stable, bug-free and fast like never before,” the dev was reported as saying.

The updates, however, proved a little disappointing as it turned out that unc0ver’s works will fall short of cracking open iOS 12.2, at least for the moment. As @Pwn20wnd has indicated in his latest tweet, the package of updates will work for now “on iOS 11.1.1, 11.1.2, 11.2.1, 11.3.1, 12.0, 12.1, 12.1.1 and 12.1.2.”

Still in the same announcement, it was revealed that while unc0ver was putting together the jailbreak updates for various iOS builds, spanning from versions 11 to 12, the testing phase continues. There was no commitment from the group but with the notion of work still ongoing then hope remains afloat that an iOS 12.2 jailbreak release could break out anytime.

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