Dev Group Unc0ver Confirms iOS 12.2 Jailbreak Releasing Soon: Here’s How To Prepare

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Ardent jailbreak fans got a whiff fresh air in recent days, all the thanks to the announcement made by the hacking group unc0ver. The team of developers practically confirmed the imminent arrival of an unlocking tool that by design will work on iPhones and iPads running iOS 12.2.

The development is certainly a piece of good news given that members of the jailbreak community are still on iOS jailbreak 12.1.2, provided by unc0ver and fellow hacking actor Chimera, and any promise of stepping up is welcome. So the Twitter tease from unc0ver stalwart @Pwn20wnd naturally generated ripples of excitement.

“Save blobs for iOS 12.2 and do not upgrade if you are interested in a jailbreak,” the dev’s tweet was reported by Redmond Pie as saying.

It was clear that the tweet was in response to Apple’s deployment of iOS 12.3, which @Pwn20wnd said is a no-go zone for would-be jailbreak installers. The message was clear and it says that if one intends to experience how liberating the next jailbreak tool is then it’s hands off on the latest official iOS version from Apple.

On this subject, Forbes is in full agreement and even confirmed that Apple’s latest mobile OS version “breaks jailbroken devices.”

“There has been some progress jailbreaking recent iOS updates, but you’ll need to stay away from this one for now,” the publication further stated.

However, the hint from @Pwn20wnd was vague on the exact release date and can only mean that jailbreak fans need to watch for upcoming updates from any of the unc0ver personnel. It’s a good thing though that the dev has established an important fact – that the group is working on a possible solution and once the final cut is out it will be an upgrade from version 12.1.2.

Another important thing suggested by the @Pwn20wnd tweet is the one crucial move that jailbreak fans must do now. They need to save their SHSH2 blobs in order to ensure they’d be eligible for the iOS 12.2 jailbreak release.

It’s only a matter of time and Apple will stop signing 12.2 and when that happens then a rollback is next to impossible. But with blobs dutifully saved, rolling back from 12.3 or stepping up to 12.2 will never be an issue. Jailbreak fans, therefore, need to pay heed on the @Pwn20wnd advisory.

In any case, jailbreaking iPhones and iPads to run the modified version of iOS 12.2 is now a near possibility and most likely the tool will originate from unc0ver. It might be that some other dev groups are in possession of exploits that will lead them to a fully-working jailbreak solution but it appears at the moment that @Pwn20wnd and his crew are steps ahead of the pack.

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