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CoolStar has announced that the Electra jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1 will be coming soon.

On the official Electra website, CoolStar writes, “Electra is coming soon for iOS 11.3.1! All users not on iOS 11.0-11.1.2 are recommended to upgrade to 11.3.1.”

The jailbreak will likely be based on a tfp0 exploit created by Ian Beer, a white hat hacker, currently working for Google as part of its Project Zero.

Beer announced that he would release the exploit sometime this week.

“If you’re interested in bootstrapping iOS kernel security research keep a research-only device on iOS 11.3.1 for more tfp0. Release probably next week. Oh, and the 11.1.2 KDP-compatible kernel debugger really is coming soon!”

Non-jailbroken users are advised to restore to iOS 11.3.1 using iTunes rather than Software Update. You can find firmware links here:
? Where To Download iPhone Firmware Files From
? Where To Download iPad Firmware Files From
? Where To Download iPod Touch Firmware Files From

Users on a jailbroken firmware version can use futurerestore to update to iOS 11.3.1 once the jailbreak is released; however, you’ll need to make sure you have the SHSH blobs for iOS 11.3.1 saved. You can find instructions on how to do so here:
? How to Save Your iPhone SHSH Blobs Using TSS Saver

The signing window for iOS 11.3.1 is still open so make sure you restore and save your SHSH blobs as soon as possible!

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