iOS Jailbreak Tweaks Sherlocked By Apple iOS 13

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Apple unveiled the iOS 13 with interesting features during the WDC 2019. While many are amazed by the recent features of the most recent iOS build, some users noticed that these features and apps are very familiar. Here is a rundown of the apps and features that Apple Sherlocked from iOS jailbreak tweaks.

Dark Mode

The highly requested feature that the Apple iOS 13 currently have is the Dark Mode across its systems. To most iPad and iPhone owners, this may appear like a brand new feature. However, this has been in the jailbreaking world for a while. The dark mode feature was actually released in 2014 with the jailbreaking tweak known as Eclipse. Interestingly, Eclipse has several edges over the Dark Mode feature offered by the latest build of the iOS. This includes the capability to theme official apps and other unsupported apps.

Bluetooth and WiFi Selection Through Control Center

Through the Apple iOS 13, users can select Bluetooth devices and WiFi networks directly from inside the Control Center. This feature is something that Android users have been enjoying for several years. Jailbroken users have long been using this feature too, thanks to the jailbreaking tweak called WeatherVane. When you compare the recent feature found on the iOS 13 build, you will notice the striking resemblance of the features. Even the way it is implemented is almost the same.

New Volume HUD or Heads-up-Display

Apple iOS 13 also introduces the new volume heads up display which users have long been complaining about. Several jailbreak developers and designers have actually tried to fix this issue with jailbreaking tweaks like Ultrasound and Melior. Apple, through its iOS 13 build, acted on this issue just now. It features a redesigned volume heads up display experience. This removes the annoying overlay that has been pestering iPhone users for years.

Safari Download Management

For quite some time, the Cupertino-based tech giant has not thought of managing downloads in Safari. Thanks to Apple iOS 13, the company now introduces a powerful download management feature. In the jailbreaking world, several developers and designers have made this feature long before Apple, even though of it. The most recent jailbreak tweak for download management is called Safari Plus. In the past, the Safari Download Manager is also very popular among jailbroken iPhone users.

Other features that Apple iOS 13 Sherlocked from iOS jailbreak tweaks include the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming controller support, widgets on the home screen, and unlimited app downloads using cellular.

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