iPhone, iPad Jailbreak Updates: Latest Unc0ver, Chimera Versions Fail To Unlock iOS 12.2

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In recent days, two active jailbreak teams have issued welcome updates on their respective iPhone and iPad unlocking tools. The solutions, however, remain limited in scope and specifically will not work on Apple-made devices running on iOS versions 12.2 and 12.3. At least for the last two, a fully working jailbreak is still up in the air.

However, jailbreak fans are appreciative of what the various dev groups currently offer. This is especially true in the case of unc0ver team, which has provided the latest tool to liberate iPhones and iPads on iOS versions 11.0 up to 12.1.2. It might be that the release stopped short of prying open version 12.2, but as the team had advertised: “This update significantly improves the stability and the performance of the entire system, fixes issues in the jailbreak app makes it more user-friendly.”

Furthermore, the hacking group reminded that when compared to version 3.0.1, unc0ver 3.1 can be better relied upon, having improved stability in terms of overall performance. “It adds support for switching from other iOS 12 jailbreaks without losing data,” the devs, led by @Pwn20wnd, was reported as saying.

Not to be outdone, the Electra Team unleashed a step up from Chimera 1.0.6 to version 1.0.7. The solution is sure to jailbreak iOS 12.0 to version 12.1.2 and was designed primarily to speed up the jailbreaking process.

According to the test conducted by iDownloadBlog.com, the time to achieve jailbreak has been cut down from 12 seconds to just four seconds with Chimera 1.0.7 in use. But it should be noted that the demonstrated jailbreak speed will not apply on all iPhones and iPads.

The process will be considerably slower when applied in older iOS devices, the report stated, adding that jumping to the latest Chimera build is not necessary for everyone since the latest offering does not include important bugs fixes.

Now it is obvious that any of the two jailbreaking tools do not go beyond iOS 12.1.2 though unc0ver has a bit of an advantage for covering iOS 11.0. This indicates of limited jailbreaking space at the moment but the situation is likely to improve soon.

If security researcher Dany Lisiansky is to be believed, iOS 12 in all releases always contain vulnerabilities that independent developers can take advantage of.  Lisiansky has identified exploits in iOS 12.2 that Apple eventually patched but are certain openings that could pave the way in the creation of jailbreak solutions.

The researcher maintained what while the release of iOS 12.3 resolved these vulnerabilities, the mobile OS will still have the weak spots that devs can dig into in search of possible jailbreak backdoors. In effect, Lisiansky is suggesting that the door remains ajar for a jailbreak, and if not for iOS 12.2 then likely for version 12.3 or the upcoming iOS releases from Apple.

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