Jailbreak Users Should Avoid iOS 12 for Now

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Since the iPhone was released Apple has always insisted that iOS has been developed as a closed platform in order to protect users from dangerous malware. Tech-savvy users didn’t agree and they created Jailbreak versions of iOS that allow you to install apps form external sources and a variety of useful tweaks.

Jailbreak has been viewed negatively by Apple since the very first iterations were released. The Cupertino company has continued to increase iOS security as it tries to block the development of new Jailbreak versions. Its latest attempts are quite successful since there is no Jailbreak version beyond iOS 11.3.1 while the latest official version is iOS 12.0.1.

The war wages on as Apple will no longer sign iOS 12.0.1. The change will restrict users that decide to update to iOS 12 as they will no longer be able to revert to a previous version. While the change won’t affect average users those that prefer to use Jailbreak versions will be upset.

Most users have already switched to iOS 12 in order to enjoyed new features like Group Face Time, improved battery life and performance and a host of other useful features.

The Jailbreak scene has been trying to crack iOS 12 for a while but the chances of succeeding are quite slim. A few names announced that they have managed to jailbreak iOS 12 but refused to offer the image filefor public use, a decision that may hint towards a different reality.

A number of sites have surfaced in the last weeks claiming to offer one-tap solutions that allow you to Jailbreak devices that have been already upgraded to iOS 12. In most cases the solution is either paid or it features in-app purchases that can go up to $20.

According to the professional Jailbreak scene you should avoid them since they are nothing more than scams designed to hustle you into paying for a non-functional app at best and harmful malware in the worst case.

Alvin Mathews

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