Javed Akhtar comes out in support of Sonu

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Taapsee Pannu is known to be upfront and honest about her opinions and what she truly believes in. The actress has always been curt about what she disagrees with even if she’s the only one to take a stand. This is what makes her fans love her.

Recently, the ‘Judwaa 2’ actress addressed the most relevant issue- perils and power of social media. In a statement to IANS, she said, “I think with the power social media has given us, it is so easy to mock someone nowadays. What people don’t understand is that it can genuinely crush someone’s confidence. Just because a female does not walk by the conventional rules, people like to call her by different names which is highly upsetting.”

She also admitted that she’s been trolled by netizens too and it’s very humiliating to be disregarded like that despite achieving whatever one has. Also, such moments make her feel like she went for the wrong career choice.

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