Latest Luca Todesco Exploit Indicates Work Is Underway To Jailbreak iOS 13

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Jailbreak fans are fully aware the latest iPhone unlocking tool only works on iOS 12.1.2 and earlier versions. It’s likely though that no further iOS 12 jailbreak attempts will take place, and that’s because of the new update from Luca Todesco. The dev is now working to pry open iOS 13, hinting of the likelihood that the mobile OS can be jailbroken.

In recent tease via Twitter, Todesco had announced the existence of a working tfp0 exploit on the beta 2 release of iOS 13. One thing the security researcher proved on the latest is that Apple again failed to lock iOS 13 from unauthorized tinkering, according to Redmond Pie.

And if the dev, who in the past shared to the public iOS jailbreak solutions, will continue on what he is doing, then the chance is there that an iOS 13 jailbreak tool would see the light of the day.

But first, it needs to be established how exactly the tfp0 exploit will lead to the creation of a public jailbreak. Truth be told, there is no solid assurance that a solution is forthcoming soon and it’s even more doubtful that Todesco himself will be bothered to work on and finalize the tool. At best, the dev merely proved his point that iOS 13 is open for jailbreaking.

“This exploit would essentially allow anyone with the necessary abilities and skills to read and write to the device’s kernel memory, which is really the total power that a jailbreaker would need over Apple’s system in order to pull together something potentially releasable to the public,” the same report from Redmond Pie stated.

This also means the jailbreak community can realistically hope for a public solution coming out soon. Take note that Todesco is the not the first dev to showcase that iOS 13 has an opening for modification. Before him, @iBSparkes demoed the Cydia package running on beta 1 of the same OS. So the only question now is when and how the iOS 13 jailbreak would make its way out.

The best guess is devs like Todesco and @iBSparkes will wait out until the final cut of iOS 13 is released by Apple, WCCFTech said in a related report. And while waiting, the two are likely to observe radio silence until such time they are certain the jailbreak they are working is safe for public distribution.

Another scenario is that these exploits pinpointed by Todesco and @iBSparkes will be shared to groups with similar interest. That would mean an actual jailbreak tool will not come from any of the two. Instead, the likes of unc0ver and Team Electra could step in and finish the rest of the work.

Meanwhile, it’s best for jailbreak fans to stay where they are right now. That is to stick with the working iOS 11-12.1.2 jailbreak and hope that an upgrade is landing soon.

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