Pulkit Samrat on ban of Pakistani artists

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Pulkit Samrat was last seen exploring the treasure in ‘Fukrey Returns‘ and is now back with ‘Veere Ki Wedding‘ and ‘3 Storeys‘. The actor, who is very well in love with the big fat Punjabi weddings of Delhi talks about his film being the most chaotic wedding of the year and more. Excerpts from the interview…

‘Veere Ki Wedding’ is now in theatres. What do you have to say about the similarity of the title with ‘Veere Di Wedding’?
By the time I was signed and cast for the film, I had no idea about the title. By the time I was aware of the matter, half of the shoot was already done. As an actor, I just focussed on the film rather than the title. But I am happy the matter is sorted. Both the parties sat on the table and solved the issue between them.

Pulkit Samrat: I’ve recently turned single. Ab mujhe thodi aiyaashi karne do

What is the confusion all about in the film? Please throw some light on it.
We are calling it the ‘wedding bhasudi’ of the year. Bhasudi is a very North Indian word, used majorly in Delhi (laughs). It basically means chaos or chaotic. When it is about a wedding, the chaos definitely happens. The wedding looks smooth, but the chaos that takes places makes it fun. The film is about a volatile kind of chemistry between a boy and a girl who basically can’t live without each other but also not with each other. Every day becomes a new day for them to fall in love with each other. This is the exciting part of their chemistry. The hearts of the boy and girl do meet, but not their worlds. When they decide to bring both their families together, then the entire bhasudi happens. The fathers on both sides are basically crackpots. They start creating problems for no reasons to sabotage the wedding. This makes it funnier and this is what the film is all about.

How was it working with Kriti Kharbanda in the film?
It has been a fabulous experience working with Kriti. She is quite a natural performer and very good in front of the camera. She is actually a very good dancer. She picks the steps very well and is definitely a better dancer than me.

Jimmy Sheirgill plays your bachelor brother in the film? How was the bonding between you two off the screen?
He has been in the industry for a long time. He is like a senior. His company is like a learning experience for me. He is quite serious towards his work. He manages to give all the experiences in the movie with a serious face. This is the best thing about him. He can move from one emotion to another very easily. He is very gentle and softspoken. He is a gentleman, always on time like a thorough professional. There are small things which I try to pick up from him.

The film is about a wedding chaos. Being a Delhi boy, what do you have to say about Delhi weddings?
Delhi weddings are unbeatable. All those uncles with their glasses on their heads when they do the nagin dance and the baaraat never enters the venue before 11:30-12. Delhi weddings are real fun. To start with, food that you can’t match with anywhere else. One party is fighting over the shoes. There is one corner where bua or chachi is sitting with a big bag for all the shagun envelopes. There is one jija or mama who is not happy with the food and the groom’s entire friend circle is busy flirting with the entire friend circle of the bride.

Someone who you can call your brother in Bollywood?
It’s Choocha- Varun Sharma.

‘Fukrey Returns’ did really well. Are you looking forward to another sequel now?I hope so. I hope they ask us to write the script for the third film in the series. It is not an easy film to make. It is a bigger challenge now as the second part has also been accepted like the first with so much love. We all are really looking forward to the third one and will definitely come ahead with it. We are surely going to return.

You also saw the release of ‘3 Storeys’. Tell us about it.
‘3 Storeys’ is a very different kind of a film. I have a different kind of character which I have never done before. The film is very intriguing with a little bit of mystery and a thrill to it. It was really interesting to be a part of it, firstly because I was getting a chance to work with Renuka Shahane Ji and her look in the film is amazing and she has done a fabulous job, least to say. After watching the film, I am non-stop raving about her. Apart from that, it was also a chance to work with Richa which has always been a wonderful experience. She is again a very good performer so the give and take becomes very interesting. And having her as the cast adds a weight as she takes her work very seriously and people also take her work very seriously. The character I play is Vilas, who is mysterious to the extent that you don’t understand whether he is a friend or a foe. That was a really interesting angle for me to explore. I didn’t have any reason to say no to this one.

‘3 Storeys’ has 3 plots intertwined into one?
Like every face has a story to it, it’s about a community living, about how one’s person’s life affects the other’s person’s life. How one person may not know what is other person’s life behind the door. It talks a lot about human emotions and the complexities of human relationships.

Your take on casting Pakistani artists in Bollywood films?
I don’t think art, music or films should be part of such debates. There is a reason people listen to every kind of music and appreciate every kind of film regardless of whether they understand the language or not.

Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma and Kriti Kharbanda spotted atthe screening of 'Three Storeys'Loading

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