Still No iOS 13 Jailbreak But Team Electra Updates Chimera JB To Version 1.1.0

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Apple has just issued public beta 2 of iOS 13, but there is no indication a jailbroken version of the mobile operating system is coming out soon. The same goes for the modified iOS 12, which has a jailbreak tool that works only from version 12 to 12.1.2. This week, the same solution has 1been bumped, courtesy of Team Electra.

In a report, iPhone Hacks┬ásaid the hacking group’s opus called Chimera is now on version 1.1.0. This latest jump “updates the bundled Sileo release to the latest version and fixes a bug with the package manager’s icon not showing up after a successful jailbreak,” the report indicated.

However, the jailbreak release is not considered significant as the creator themselves have acknowledged that jumping to the new version is not a must. Instead, jailbreak users can simply install the new Sileo package outside of Chimera to enjoy the benefits stuffed with version 1.1.5.

With the new Sileo, Team Electra did some recoding that makes for faster and more reliable loading time. It goes without saying that in choosing this route, Sileo can be downloaded independent of Chimera and it can be accessed through the dev group’s repository site.

As mentioned above, this jailbreak update will work on iPhones and iPads running the iOS 12 versions from the original release up to 12.1.2.

Team Electra’s latest effort appears to signal that jailbreaking works on iOS 12 has essentially stalled and the same applies to the jailbreak tool that was provided by the unc0ver team. The jailbreak community is expecting that with the imminent release of iOS 13, devs and security researchers will start focusing on unlocking the new iOS version.

So it is safe to assume that what Team Electra and unc0ver have shared to the jailbreak public so far will be the last of the iOS 12 jailbreak.

This new jailbreaking path seemed to have gotten confirmation from the recent update furnished by security researcher Luca Todesco. According to WCCFTech, Todesco has discovered a tfp0 exploit in iOS 13 and it only meant one thing – that despite Apple’s security measures there is an opening to again customize iOS 13.

It must be made clear though that despite the jailbreak teaser from Todesco, it is more likely that the indie developer will short of completing the work. It is not expected as well that the Italian hacker will release a public jailbreak based on his latest findings.

Like in previous cases, Todesco will just allow fellow devs to pick up on his work and perhaps take on the task of assembling a working jailbreak solution. And this will happen only after the first official build of iOS 13 has been released in September 2019. So if there will be an iOS 13 jailbreak release, the timing should be between October and December this year.

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