Unc0ver Releases Jailbreak Tool Version 3.1 Yet Falls Short Of Unlocking iOS 12.2

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There is a new jailbreak solution in town, shared to the public by unc0ver member @Pwn20wnd, and the community has reasons to celebrate. The latest tool jumps from version 3.0.1 to 3.1 and promises improved dependability but make no make mistake, it will not work on iPhones and iPads powered by iOS 12.2 and up.

Hacker @Pwn20wnd made it quite clear when he announced in advance that the new jailbreak has been designed for iOS devices running on versions 11.0 up to 12.1.2. There was no mention of support for iOS 12.2 and in the same way, the dev remains silent on the likelihood of actually unlocking the latest mobile OS version by Apple.

For the most part, unc0ver 3.1 is a leapfrog from the last build in terms of overall function.

“This update significantly improves the stability and the performance of the entire system, fixes issues in the jailbreak app makes it more user-friendly, stable and performant and adds support for switching from other iOS 12 jailbreaks without losing data,” @Pwn20wnd was reported as saying.

If the last version, which was praised for its remarkable performance, was anything to go by then the claim by unc0ver that version 3.1 is the best jailbreaking solution available for now should be easy to believe. Those thinking of experiencing for themselves what the jailbreak is all about can do so by heading to this GitHub Repository.

And as assurance for those test driving, @Pwn20wnd said that the tests conducted by his team indicated that unc0ver jailbreak 3.1 works like a charm for iPhones and iPads, and that applies from iOS 11.0 going to version 12.1.2.

However, jailbreak fans can’t help but wonder if unc0ver still plans to bump up the current masterpiece and perhaps make it work for iOS devices now running 12.2.

To date, there is no definitive answer to these questions although the door remains open for a possible jailbreak on higher iOS versions. For one, unc0ver has already indicated that the work is ongoing to pry open Apple’s mobile OS and look for the exploits that will pave the way for a jailbreak.

Digging deep inside the iOS for vulnerabilities is no easy task but not impossible as well. This was proved recently by security researcher Dany Lisiansky, whom Apple had credited for pinpointing three security holes in iOS 12.2. The vulnerabilities have been patched though with the release of iOS 12.3 but the work by Lisiansky pointed out clearly that iOS will always have weak spots.

In most cases, these weaknesses offer the key for jailbreak makers to pursue their work and put together a working jailbreak solution. That is why iOS 12.2 is not totally safe and there might be a jailbreak version coming out soon.

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